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Thatcher Retractables is the only company in the Chicagoland area that manufactures AND professionally installs retractable awnings. Our installers are our trained employees, not sub-contractors. This enables us to provide a 3-Year Installation Guarantee! Other companies will tell you that you can install the awning yourself or hire a handyman, but to most people, it just makes sense to have a licensed and bonded, qualified Thatcher Retractables employee install your awning.

Standard Installation
In most cases, the retractable awning can be installed on the exterior wall of the home. 

If you have vinyl, wood, or a specialty material such as concrete board, there is no problem installing the awning to those surfaces. The installer will locate the studs or a header, and attached the awning with lag screws through siding material into the structure of the house.
If you have a brick home, our experts will determine the exact installation of the awning. In some of the newer brick homes, our installers attach through the brick to the structure of the home. In other situations, an epoxy fastener system allows the awning to be secured to the brick surface.

If you have drivit or stucco, the awning can usually be attached to the wall, but the installation will need to be inspected by our experts. This type of installation may require an additional board to support the awning.

Basic Requirements for Standard Installation:

  1. From the ground to the top of where the awning will be attached should be at least 7’6”.
  2. The awning requires 8-9” of clearance between the top of doors and windows and the bottom of soffit or overhang.

If you are concerned that your home cannot meet these requirements, don't worry! Many homes don't meet these requirements. Take a look at the specialty installations below.

Roof Mount Installation
In many cases, especially on ranch and tri-level style homes, there is either not enough clearance, or not enough height to install a retractable awning on the wall. In these cases, we install the awning to the roof using specialized roof mount brackets. These brackets are carefully installed using a three point process that allows Thatcher Retractables to guarantee a water-tight seal. The brackets lift the awning above the gutter. This allows water to flow under the awning, and will not interfere with the drainage of water off the roof.

Bay Bracket Installation
In some cases, homes do not have a flat wall where the customer would like the awning. Obstacles such as bay windows, chimneys, or complex roof lines can be tricky. Thatcher Retractables fabricates special brackets that extend the awning from the home in one or more places to provide a flat plane to attach the awning.

Soffit Mount Installation
Under certain circumstances, the best installation for your awning may be to install the awning to the soffit or eave of the home. Because there is little structure to mount an awning on the eave, our Thatcher Retractable Installation Experts will remove the existing vinyl or aluminum soffit. Additional structure, both wood and metal, will be installed to support the awning. After the structure is installed, the existing soffit will be reinstalled in such a manner so that the soffit appears the same after the additional structure is added. This can be a difficult installation, and requires a survey prior to installation.

Thatcher Retractables Awnings Web Specials Thatcher Retractables Awnings Web Specials
Thatcher Retractables Awnings Web Specials Thatcher Retractables Awnings Web Specials

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